Mentis Co., Ltd. is established in 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. We act as trade agency for producer and supplier companies in the fields of export, import and transit of seafood.

We export fresh sea bass, sea bream, trout and roe in farmfish class, and pickled bonito, salmon marinade, salted mackerel, octopus salad, anchovy, anchovy sauce, anchovy with olive in marinade group, from our partner producers in Turkey. The other area of expertise of our company is the export and transit of the fresh and daily catched various seafood including white grouper, golden grouper, dusky grouper, red sea bream, red mullet fish, red pandora, senegalese sole, senegalese tonguesole, common cuttlefish via the partner companies from the West African countries including Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea and Morocco. MORE..›››